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Heer Chhabria

Mrs. Heer Chhabria has established herself as one of the most renowned astrologer, numerologist, palmist and a vastu expert. She is also a motivational speaker, counselor and she regularly conducts courses to enhance the quality of life . She is a famous astrologer bringing the gleam in the lives of people. She is known for her passion & dedication towards work. She has always been supported by her family. And she is always grateful for everything.
Her knowledge and experience actually make people know about their future and solutions to their problems. She is an astrologer, Vastu consultant, numerologist, tarot card reader, and into many many more modalities. Her motto in life is not only to give consultancy but she loves to share her knowledge selflessly which she has done by teaching more than 1000 students and has motivated them to grow spiritually.

Her simple thought of “Making life, astrology and occultism simple” says it all. Her purpose in life is to Heal, to let people know that they are special, that what they experience is true, that their bad situations are spiritual awakenings and that unless you heal you can’t ascend. She is a true motivator in many many peoples lives. She has changed many peoples lives immensely and positively. She says karmas are very important and totally believes in it and motivate others also to do good karmas. She has been counseling more than 10k people from last 9 years.

The Part of Fortune is one of the most exciting components of a birth chart. This Arabic part is associated with luck, good fortune, well-being, joy, happiness. Its position in the birth chart shows in which life area and how you can find all these things.

People with this location seek to look after themselves and others. They have deep emotional ties to their family and find fulfilment in these bonds. They frequently receive assistance from family members or receive something from them (which need not be a material inheritance; it could be knowledge or a special aptitude) that enables them to succeed in life. The Fortune Part in the fourth house also suggests that establishing a physical environment you enjoy is essential for your wellbeing.


Lal Kitab is essentially a book of astrology that tells several Vedic astrology stories in various ways. It is primarily composed in Urdu poetry rather than Sanskrit verses. According to Vedic astrology, each phrase in Lal Kitab is regarded as a permanent master planet, and all astrological calculations are based only on it.There are 12 quarters in total, with Aries in the first house and Taurus in the second. The outcome is determined by taking into account the precise location of each planet in each house.

In Vedic astrology, Rahu is the lord of the north node of the moon and is associated with worldly desires. The 10th house is associated with career, reputation, and social status. When Rahu is in the 10th house, it can bring mixed results. With the influence of Rahu in the 10th house, one may not be able to achieve success in his career and life.

On one hand, it can give a person success and power. But on the other hand, it can also create problems in one’s career and social life.

There are some remedies that can be done to mitigate the negative effects of Rahu in the 10th house. According to Hindu astrology, Rahu is a malefic planet and has an affinity with the 10th house.

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