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Ayushi Bhargava

Aayushi is raised as a single child by her family who has been lucky enough to experience a lot at a very less age (we will not reveal her age- women’s secret!). Daughter to a government banker, she told her that she has always been accepting and welcoming towards the new environment as she has changed more than 10 schools in her whole life!

When we further asked her how she is, she said she had quite a roller coaster ride. Initially, from childhood, she considered herself very much introverted as she had no exposure to siblings or contact with similar age people.

When the world loses hope in reality, they shift to spirituality. Spirituality has constantly motivated people to find optimism in their lives and wait for miracles. But how do common people connect with the universe? Luckily, today, we have some gifted psychic mediums to deliver direct messages from the supreme power. Today, with Monkvyasa, we have Aayushi with us, who goes by the name of 444curlytarot on Instagram and gained huge popularity in 1 year of time from social media.

We took her interview to learn about her journey and her take on spirituality, and we learned something fascinating and insightful. So, let’s run you through what we discovered while conversing with 444curlytarot.


East Facing House Vastu Plan: Direction And Tips For A Peaceful Life

Vastu Shastra is important when buying houses in India. Many homeowners spend extra money to make their home interiors follow Vastu guidelines. If you want to buy or build a house facing the East direction, it’s important to analyze the principles of Vastu beforehand. Vastu is a traditional system that suggests certain guidelines for home construction and layout, but not all of them work for everyone. 

In our previous blogs, we already discussed the north-facing house vastu and south-facing house vastu. Now, let us focus specifically on the Vastu tips for East facing houses. Here are some tips for your east-facing Vastu house plan to bring good luck to your home. Read more…

Maa Saraswati Mantra Benefits, Meaning And Significance


Goddess Saraswati is called the goddess of knowledge. She holds a book and a musical instrument called Veena, which she uses to share knowledge with the world. By reciting the mantras dedicated to Goddess Saraswati, people gain knowledge, learning, wealth, happiness, and success. Everyone desires the blessings of Goddess Saraswati, who represents knowledge, wisdom, and learning.

Both humans and divine beings, including gods and demons, worship her with devotion. Students worship Goddess Saraswati to gain superior knowledge and intelligence. There are various mantras available for worshipping Goddess Saraswati, through which people can invoke her presence. In this article, we discussed some Maa Saraswati mantra Benefits Meaning and Significance.

The planet Venus is called the “Guru of Demons” just like Jupiter is called the “Guru of Gods.” This means that Venus is considered the teacher or guide for all demons. Venus is associated with providing various material pleasures and benefits. It brings love into people’s lives and enhances intimacy in relationships.

Whether you will find love in your life, have a harmonious and blessed marriage, enjoy comforts, own a vehicle, or become wealthy, all these things depend on the position of Venus in your horoscope.


We hope our edition keeps you engaged and makes a difference in the quality of lives we are living.