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Pooja Agarwal

She is a certified tarot card reader, numerologist, face reader, and counselor. She is into this from the last 3 years approx and she feels so blessed to help people around her and make them take the right decisions for life.

Through reading people come to know about their insights into the past, present, and future. She got married early in life. She has always been on the heavier side, and once she completed her MBA, her father expressed concern about her weight and felt it might affect her prospects of finding a suitable partner. However, luck was on her side as she ended up marrying the right person. After marriage, she found herself feeling alone and with not much to do. 

Job opportunities were scarce, so pursuing a career wasn’t an option. During this time, she started having dreams with images of Lord Krishna and other divine signs. These experiences sparked her interest in astrology, as she felt a strong desire to help others and solve their problems.

Her journey into astrology began with studying Tarot reading, and from there, she continued to explore and expand her knowledge. It all started from a genuine passion for assisting others and finding solutions to their challenges.

So, that’s how her journey into the world of astrology began, guided by divine signs and her innate desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives.


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Venus is a planet that some people believe controls demons. It’s thought to be the boss of two-star signs, Taurus and Libra, and really good for one called Pisces but not so good for Virgo. Venus affects four other signs too, and its movements can affect all twelve-star signs.

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