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Vedansh Vallabh

He help people across India to find peace and Calmness & get the right direction. he had done (Hons) from Aligarh Muslim University. 
First of all, He would like to say that my family background is religious & he used to feel that many people believe in astrology a lot and they keep circling many pundits to find solutions of problems, but still no solution is found.

The same happened with my friend and he also did not get any solution. he used to think all the time “Is astrology right?” then he started learning astrology along with B.Com from some books and some youtube channels, then my interest increased and then he joined ICAS. he had completed Jyotish Praveen & Visharad course from the Indian Council of astrological science (ICAS). Currently pursuing Research classes in ICAS

So he understand that astrology is a science and

“planets want to speak through nature”

“Kundli is the x-ray of your soul”

“Kundli is based on your birth date planetary situation it means all prediction is based on your past life karmas, seed, and habits (whether good or bad) we can’t change the life events much but we can fix them with some habits, subconscious mind, self-realization”.

Chiron, in cutting-edge astrology, represents our middle wounds and the way we are able to heal them.

Chiron is known as after a Greek healer, philosopher, and trainer who, ironically, couldn’t heal himself, and is represented by way of means of a key, emphasising the importance of unlocking this minor planet’s main lessons.

Our Chiron placement is our mystery energy in lots of ways. We advantage knowledge as we warfare with pain, which we are able to then skip directly to others like a paranormal salve.

Curiosity is a built in characteristic of human nature that has led us to find out all essential components of our necessity, whether it’s science, fiction, fitness, social lifestyles, or the general Universe, which has limitless fields but to be located. Astrology is a completely essential however necessary discipline of the Universe that governs each human activity. Despite its sizeable use at some point of the world, the definition of palmistry has but to be absolutely explored.

“Palmistry” is a completely essential and considerable discipline of Astrology that has been practised for lots of years, however a few components of it remain unknown. There are many methods to outline Palmistry (additionally called Chiromancy), however in general, Palmistry (additionally called Palm Reading or Chirology) is an artwork of forecasting the destiny with the aid of analysing the traces of the palm. It has been practised at some point of the world, with severa cultural variations.

Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Astrology is astrology that specialises in the soul. Esoteric astrology is concerned with defining our soul’s contribution to the evolution of humanity, in place of our particular outward persona or what is going to manifest to us in this lifetime. It is taught as a way of reconciling the soul and persona.To attain our maximum self and stay with soul consciousness, esoteric astrologers say we need to go beyond our cloth nature, the use of our persona as a tool of soul expression in place of the opposite manner around. If this sounds a bit woo-woo, it truly is as it is. Theosophy, or the “New Age” motion of the overdue 19th and early 20th centuries, gave start to esoteric astrology.

We hope our edition keeps you engaged and makes a difference in the quality of lives we are living.