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Owner of Angel healing 11.11 firm(consultation & healing products services)TAROT READER, REIKI HEALER,Crystal healer, Vastu consultant, LAW OF ATTRACTION & TAROT COACH Having 50,000+ clients all over the world, teaching tarot and law of attraction over 10,000+ students. Awarded by HER story TIMES Inspiration 2022 Member of INDIAN Women’s history museum.

selling crystals and healing products like candles for money follow, protection, love , relaxing vibes and health healing, Selling handmade ayurvedic products like herbal soap, serum

Giving tarot and law of attraction certification courses and teached almost 10,000+ students till now, by making them financially successful too.

Doing Reiki to heal any physical or mental problems, also heals karmic issues in a person’s life .

Wearing black thread on the leg is an ancient custom that has been practised in many cultures. It is believed that wearing black thread will protect against bad luck and evil spirits. Some people also believe that wearing black thread will make them more attractive to others

There are many benefits of wearing colourful clothes. Here are some of the main benefits: According to astrology Wearing, clothes can help you to feel more alert and focused. It can help you to be more creative and to be able to see things in a different way. It can help you to be more energetic. As per astrology, If you wear clothes that are the same as your personality, you will be able to attract people and others will feel comfortable around you.

The Budh Mantra is a powerful Hindu spiritual practice that involves the repetition of a specific mantra or prayer. It is believed to have the power to bring clarity, focus, and inner peace to those who recite it. In this article we suggest some Budh Beej Mantra Benefits to improve your life.

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