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Ritu Upadhyay

I am Ritu Alpesh Upadhyay, with Mba in finance and HR (having 7 years of corporate experience), and working as a tarot card reader(Celebrity tarot card reader), spiritual healer, and mentor for the past 8+ years. 
Grandmaster reiki healer, numerologist, candle healer, runes reader, switchword mentor, herbs magic, Sigil castor, Angel therapist, Influencer, youtuber and many other modality and having 35,000 + satisfied clients all across the world and 10,000+ students all across the world.

Making daily videos on Instagram and YouTube channel for love guidance all across the world and these videos are resonating with millions of people situation

1. Vastu tips for home doorway and entrance

According to Vastu Shastra, the main door of your own home should face north, east, or north east. This is to ensure that you have the best electricity coming into your home. When you take a step from the front, you must face north, east, or north-east. According to vastu, the front is an archway to success and development in life.

The Ancient Zodiac as a Guide for your Life

Exploring the Way of the Seed of Life withinside the Truth of the Sacred Writings

These days, astrology and horoscopes are connected to the twelve signs of the zodiac. In terms of those twelve Zodiac Signs, your fortune is predicted in today’s horoscope to the date of delivery. Following that, the horoscope directs you toward finding true love (love horoscope), as well as success and fulfilment in love, fitness, and prosperity. These twelve astrological indicators, which link your personalised horoscope’s delivery dates, are:

Many younger people find comfort and insight in the zodiac—even though they don’t necessarily agree with it—in a hectic, data-driven age.

Astrology is a meme that is growing and unfolding in the typical memetic way. On social media, people joke about Mercury retrograde, gather tens or hundreds of thousands of followers for astrology-meme generators, and label “the symptoms and symptoms as…”

Astrology has had other major moments in history, and this one won’t be the last. For hundreds of years, the exercise has been referenced in several documents. More recently, the New Age movement of the 1960s and 1970s arrived with a strong emphasis on the zodiac.

We hope our edition keeps you engaged and makes a difference in the quality of lives we are living.