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Aanchal Kumar

The Strong Goal-Driven Numerologist with a Positive Outlook Towards Life Aanchal Kumar is a Tarot Reader and a Numerologist who is an expert in Astrology. She also has the Law of Attraction, Manifestation, and Spells as her prime areas of focus. Initially a lawyer, Aanchal Kumar is chasing her dream of tarot card reading..
She aims to help people to get educated about things like manifestation and the Law of Attraction to help them achieve good things in life. She wants to inspire the youth through social media and give them positive vibes. She wants to inspire the youth through social media and give them positive vibes..

Doing Reiki to heal any physical or mental problems, also heals karmic issues in a person’s life .

Astrological Remedies With Herbs: Strengthening Your Planets Through Natural Solutions

Vedic astrology recognizes nine planets, each governing specific minerals and energies within the body. A healthy planet augurs well for your overall well-being, while a weak or weak planet can cause problems. Mantras, pujas, gems, and other remedies are commonly used to remove the weaknesses of these planets. Another effective remedy is the use of herbs as remedies in astrology.

Herbs have been used for astrological remedies in India for centuries. They are easily available, and their daily consumption can greatly affect our lives. If you have a weak planet in your astrological chart, consider adding the following herbs to your diet to help remedy the situation

Vastu Shastra is a traditional Indian architectural science that deals with designing and building homes and other structures in harmony with the natural environment. It is based on the principles of Hindu philosophy and aims to promote positive energy and well-being through space, light, and direction.

Palmistry is a crucial aspect of astrology, as it is believed that a person’s handwriting and hand lines can reveal a wealth of information about their life, including their past, present, and future. Hand lines not only expose a person’s behaviour but can also offer predictions about their future. One noticeable feature in palmistry is the half-moon shape that appears when hands are clasped together, which can be either complete or incomplete depending on the individual. For more information on this, read further

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